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Why Quality Snowmobiling Riding Gear Is Worth the Investment

Snowmobiling is a peak experience in the cold months, and for many, it’s a way to appreciate the harsh elements and make the most of the season. Regardless of experience level and skill set, investing in quality riding gear is essential. It’s vital to stay warm, protected, and safe. We’ll discuss the value of investing in quality gear; we even pulled together some peak items you should consider. Let’s get to it!

Superior Comfort

When you take the time to invest your time and money into comfort, you are awarded superior results. Many who enjoy riding their snowmobile know that their comfort is a significant factor to consider. The length of time spent on the snowmobile in the cold weather can chip away at overall satisfaction. Comfortable gear helps ease things along.

First and foremost, make sure the gear is waterproof. These pieces will come with a premium price, but remember that snow will eventually turn to water when it melts on your gear or snowmobile. If you can avoid getting wet, you can increase the likelihood of staying warm.

Another key element to consider with waterproof gear is that it is often windproof. This is because the materials can double on protection from the elements; ultimately, you want this while riding. Both of these features, water and windproof, will come with a layer of comfort you cannot guarantee in less expensive options.

Purposefully Designed and Constructed

There is a lot of winter weather gear and gear related to other outdoor winter activities. You should invest your time and energy into purposefully designed and constructed snowmobiling gear because it is specific to the activity levels and potential elements.

Some winter gear is only for the purpose of staying warm and dry, which only accounts for a small percentage of a rider’s needs. However, a snowmobile’s motion and activity levels require the gear to withstand varying terrains, unpredictable weather conditions, and safety features. Therefore, it’s best to stick to snowmobile-specific riding gear to ensure adequate protection.

Overall Functionality

You may want to find the most visually appealing gear, but focusing on functionality over fashion is best. While most gear will appeal to you in some capacity, functionality is a key player in how well your riding gear can withstand your activities and the elements.

Ultimately, a hot pink or neon green riding suit may not protect you from an unexpected blizzard, but an insulated and waterproof jacket could. Always keep these things in mind when searching for suitable gear you want to last long-term.

Long-Term Lifespan for the Gear

You are paying for a long-term investment when you factor in all the fit features and weather protection of quality snowmobile riding gear. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for when it comes to something like specialized winter gear.

One significant thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your gear is properly storing it in the offseason. If you take the time to winterize your snowmobile, you should spend some time doing the same with all pertinent gear and accessories. First, ensure everything is dry and clean of debris. Then, place it in a secure garment bag and set it in storage. Year after year, you will see how well it holds up compared to just shoving it in the back of your closet.

Things To Consider Investing In

Now that we understand the value of quality snowmobile riding gear, let’s dive into some essential items you should consider investing in. These things are all vital to your snowmobiling experiences and will play significant roles in comfort, safety, and functionality.

Adequate Layering

You must layer! Between the frigid temperatures, the windchill from the ride, and the snow’s kickback, layering will make or break your experience. Wear a series of moisture-wicking thermal base layers to protect the skin, and then compile your riding gear over the top.

Things like waterproof jackets, insulated high-pants, and one-piece monosuits will all contribute to adequate layering. Also, consider the small layers like thermal socks, gripping gloves with insulation, a neck gaiter, and a wool beanie underneath your helmet. Always remember that your extremities are at the most risk of frostbite. So, keep your body warm, and don’t forget your hands, feet, and head.

Head Gear

Quality head gear is critical. While an accident is not likely, you can never be too safe. From the possibility of a serious injury to the cold temperatures, investing in headgear is a high priority. You should consider spending some time ensuring this is right for you. When looking for the perfect helmet, make sure you factor in your riding style and demands.

For those who ride for sport, investing in headgear built for high impact resistance and superior padding is best. For leisure rides through the woods at low speeds, you want to make sure the headgear can withstand impact, but you can place comfort near the top of the priority ladder.

Some of the best helmets available will feature full face protection to deter the risk of frostbite or wind burn. It will also feature a wide-open viewing panel to ensure your view is clean and you can see your peripherals.


Like your head, your feet need adequate support and protection. Invest in proper snowmobile boots with moisture-wicking properties, sturdy leather construction, and waterproofing membranes. Also, ensure the boot soles contain a comprehensive tread pattern for when you get off the craft and need to trek in snow or uneven terrain.

You want to ensure you invest in quality thermal socks with the boots. You may need to take multiple pairs along for the ride. When your feet get sweaty, the rest of your body will struggle to stay warm, regardless of your layering efforts. Plan to invest in several pairs of thermal socks and take at least three pairs along for the ride.

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Why Quality Snowmobiling Riding Gear Is Worth the Investment