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Understanding How Insulated Jackets Work

Whether you are going for a ride on your snowmobile or just taking a brief walk out in winter conditions, it is a good idea to have a top layer on that will keep you warm. Wearing a quality insulated jacket can help. Read below to understand how insulated jackets work and why you should wear one in the cold.

What Is an Insulated Jacket?

If you are unfamiliar with insulated jackets, these garments usually feature a hard or soft exterior on the outside and an insulated layer consisting of down or synthetic materials. This contrasts with non-insulated jackets, which, as their name suggests, do not have that inner layer.

How Does an Insulated Jacket Keep Me Warm?

How an insulated jacket works to keep you warm is quite unique. Its inner layer traps your body heat inside the jacket so that it is not easy for heat to pass through and go to the outside.

That functionality allows the heat to spend a longer amount of time inside your jacket and keep you comfortable. Thanks to that trapped heat, you can spend more time having fun in the snow.

What Should I Look for in Insulation?

Now that you know how an insulated jacket works, you may wonder what liner is best to use. When choosing, consider your needs and your budget. For example, down material can provide you with a lot of warmth while remaining lightweight and long-lasting, but it can be costly.

However, if you go with synthetic insulation, you can purchase it at a lower price. Although it may be heavier, it is similar to down insulation in terms of holding heat in. Plus, it can keep you warmer if you get it wet because it will dry even quicker than a down product.

These advantages make an insulated jacket a must for staying warm in cold weather. Contact Peakboys if you want to purchase insulated Ski-Doo apparel. We can help you look good while staying comfortable in wintery conditions.