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How Does an ATV Clutch Work? A Quick Guide

When you purchase an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you must learn about its various components and how they work. That includes the clutch, which is essential for making the wheels on your vehicle move. Read on to learn more about how an ATV clutch works in this quick guide.

What a Clutch Does on Your ATV

Your ATV clutch plays the important part in sending the engine’s power to your transmission. That allows your wheels to move as you ride your ATV through rugged areas.

To make an ATV clutch work, you must engage the clutch plates. That brings them close together and allows the engine to send its power. However, if you disengage them, the plates will separate, and your engine won’t be able to transfer its power.

The Different Types of ATV Clutches

You can have three different types of clutches in your ATV, and they all operate differently.

Centrifugal Clutches

One kind is the centrifugal clutch, which uses centrifugal force to turn on or turn off the clutch system. This clutch connects with the crankshaft through its main drive shaft.

Multi-Plate Clutches

A multi-plate clutch is a common clutch system that ATV vehicles often use. It takes the engine’s power and sends it to the transmission’s input shaft. After that, the shaft will send the power to the gearbox, which transfers it to the rear wheels.

Sheave Clutches

A third option is sheave clutches, which you will find on ATVs that feature automatic continuously variable transmission (CTV) systems. These feature two clutches that guarantee you reach the engine’s highest power at all speeds.

When You Should Replace Them

Eventually, you will need to replace the clutch in your ATV. You can know when by learning the signs that it’s time for a change, including loud grinding and rattling sounds coming from your ATV.

Another sign is that you have difficulty changing the gears while moving or can’t get the clutch to engage. The latter is a possible sign that your clutch plates have outlived their usefulness and that their inner hub teeth have worn down.

Now that you know more about your ATV’s clutch, you can better understand how to use it and how it affects your vehicle’s operation. Contact Peakboys if you want to buy CVTech clutch products to add to your ATV. We have a wide collection of clutches and can help you find the right one for your vehicle.