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Ski-Doo Bumpers

Ski-Doo Bumpers, Hitches & Winches

Shop for Ski-Doo bumpers, hitches, and winches at Peakboys. When you augment your sled’s appearance or expand its utility capability with one of these products, you can travel nearly anywhere! Our bumpers, hitches, and winches are Ski-Doo models, including Summit, Freeride, MXZ, Renegade, Backcountry, Grand Touring, Expedition, Tundra and Skandic. Browse our collection of products to find the exact one you need for your next outdoor adventure. Once you select an option, you can also view which snowmobile models it fits on to ensure you make the right purchase. You can easily attach items, such as the Ski-Doo Hitch Rear Bumper, without drilling into your snowmobile; make towing extra gear easy!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding one of our Ski-Doo bumpers or another product within this collection. You’ll reach us by calling (581) 781-5514 or emailing We’re always happy to help our customers and will respond as soon as possible!

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