Free shipping on order over 100$ Canada & United-States


Shipping Policy

All orders may require 1 to 2 business days for processing.

Certain items may require longer handling time due to its provenance, you can notice the handling time on those product pages.


Free Shipping is included on every orders over $200. For orders from $0 to $100 the shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. For orders from $100 to $199.99 we charge $10 as a flat rate shipping cost.

We offer free shipping on orders over 200$. You probably wonder what this might include. All of our free shipped orders are shipped out with UPS standard

All tracking information will be available UPS.


United States

Free shipping on orders over 200$ is also available for United States customers. 

You'll have to choose your shipping option at checkout. All free shipping orders are sent with UPS Standard International. All tracking information will be available on UPS website.

Due to dealership convention of certain manufacturer we're restricted to sell some brands outside Canada.


International shipping fees are calculated at check out. Tracking information will be available on UPS.

Risk of Loss.

We highly suggest that you select the Package protection at checkout to avoid any frustration of the item being on hold because of loss, damage, or theft.
Selecting Package Protection will allow us to skip the resolution delay of the carrier for the time of the investigation on your package.  

Package Protection.

So here how the Package Protection works, 

If you add it to your order, it will automatically protect your order and in the case of damage loss or theft, and it'll allow you to ship your order a second time without any delay.

This option isn't related to the carrier's insurance. All of our packages are insured. However, selecting this option will allow you to skip the resolution delay of the page, which can be pretty long, and the season is short enough already.

The bottom line is peace of mind. We'll take care of getting your stuff to you!

We ship all orders with UPS but if you prefer another carrier contact us directly and we'll make a quotation. Here is a list of carrier we do business with.

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