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8 Ways To Prepare for a Snowmobile Ride in the Mountains

Riding your snowmobile on trails can be a thrilling experience, but taking one up in the mountains is entirely different. You must adjust to traveling on a different type of vehicle and through more elevation and snow than you may be used to. Fortunately, you can get ready for the experience by learning these eight ways to prepare for a snowmobile ride in the mountains.

Practice Riding a Mountain Snowmobile

One way to prepare for your snowy adventure is to practice riding on a mountain snowmobile. Manufacturers build these vehicles differently than trail snowmobiles. These adapted vehicles can travel through thick snow and feature a narrower structure. Mountain snowmobiles also move more slowly and require you to stand and kneel more than you would on a trail vehicle. You can practice before your journey by spending time driving one in a clearing with plenty of space.

See How Other People Ride

We often learn by watching other people do things, and you can do the same by seeing how other people travel on their mountain snowmobiles. If you do not know a person who has one, try finding videos of people riding them online. Take note of what riding techniques they use to have a safer and easier journey in the mountains.

Train Physically for Your Trip

You can also prepare for your snowmobile ride in the mountains by physically training beforehand. Because of the high elevations you will encounter, you should work on your cardiovascular health. You can do this through exercise on equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical. You can even lift weights to help you with your capacity and endurance.

Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling with the reduced amount of oxygen in the mountains. Plus, without preparatory exercise, it may be especially taxing for you when you have to extract your vehicle from deep snow.

Attend an Avalanche Course

An avalanche is one of the biggest potential dangers you may encounter during your mountain snowmobiling adventure. Fortunately, you can also prepare for this by taking an avalanche course. You will learn what causes avalanches and how you can identify high-risk areas for them to happen.

The course can even teach you how to rescue friends who get caught in an avalanche and how to use certain equipment to help them. Although you may not encounter an avalanche during your mountain trip, you will be glad that you have the knowledge—just in case.

Plan Your Trip

Once you have decided where you want to go snowmobiling, you will need to thoroughly plan your adventure. Research the local lodgings and eateries and find out if there are certain permits you must obtain to go snowmobiling.

You should also investigate whether the area has additional places where you can ride and if locals anticipate any avalanches in the future. Your research will help you learn what the land will be like to ride on. This preparation will better ensure you have fun and face fewer challenges during your trip.

Purchase All Your Essential Gear

As the day of your snowmobiling trip gets closer, ensure you have all the gear you will need. This gear should include a transceiver, which will help rescuers find you in the case of an avalanche. You should also bring a shovel for digging out your snowmobile if you get stuck. A snowmobile tether is equally crucial. You attach it to your vehicle and yourself. If you fall off your vehicle, the tether will turn off your engine so it doesn’t keep running and cause damage or injury.

Eat Well and Pack Food

Once you have reached your destination, you should make sure you eat well before your trip and pack enough food. For example, ensure you have a robust dinner the night before you go snowmobiling and eat a large breakfast on the morning of your trip. You will be expending more energy than you usually do, so fueling your body with large, nutritious meals is helpful.

And before you head out, ensure you pack many snacks and lots of water. Staying hydrated as you snowmobile is important since that will help you cope with the elevation in the mountains and possible muscle soreness.

Dress Well

One last step is to dress well before you take your snowmobile into the mountain powder. Wear light jackets and pants since this trip will require more exertion than a regular ride. This apparel will prevent you from getting too hot when you are up in the mountains. Make sure your clothing is also waterproof, as that will help protect you from the extra snow and chill you will encounter.

However, even though you should opt for light jackets and pants for this journey, you still need to wear layers underneath. These layers are paramount for regulating a safe, comfortable body temperature in the mountains. Start with a base layer over your skin that can help wick away moisture. Avoid cotton base layers, as these absorb sweat and prevent you from staying dry. Next, you should put a second, thicker layer, which will do the job of warming and insulating you. The final layer should provide insulation and protect you against the wind as you drive your snowmobile at great heights.

Finally, top your outfit off with footwear that will prevent your feet from getting wet and goggles that will keep the snow and other debris out of your eyes. And of course, don’t go anywhere on your snowmobile without your helmet. A quality helmet will provide your head with the ventilation it needs to stay warm and proper protection in the case of an accident.

Now that you know these eight ways to prepare, you will be ready to enjoy the thrills and stunning sights as you snowmobile in the mountains. If you want to buy Ski-Doo riding gear for your upcoming mountain journey, contact Peakboys. We offer products that will keep you comfortable in harsh conditions as you enjoy the thrills of riding your snowmobile.

8 Ways To Prepare for a Snowmobile Ride in the Mountains