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Snowmobile Racing: Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

So, your love for snowmobile racing has turned into a possible career interest, and you’re curious about where to begin. Here at Peak Boys, we know how exciting that transition can be as we work with many snowmobile racers and industry professionals. If you’re looking to convert a hobby into a career, we have some considerations for you to set your sights on. Let’s dive in!

Invest in Quality Gear

Chances are, you will want to pick up a sponsorship before establishing yourself in the career. Not only do your skill set and experience levels contribute to your ability to receive sponsorship, but your gear and equipment will too. You must dress or look at the part to complete the package and present yourself in a professional manner.

Invest in quality FXR snowmobile gear to help you progress towards a steady career and high-ticket sponsors. This includes things like monosuits, helmets, gloves, boots, and much more!

Understand the Different Rules

There are different segments to snowmobile racing rules, and each pertains to the designated course layouts and race types. The most important areas to understand include machine rules, race-specific rules, safety rules, governing body rules, and pit rules.

  • Machine rules—Each race will outline machine rules, and this is regarding your physical snowmobile. Sometimes races will disqualify snowmobiles if they are considered vintage or if the parts are aftermarket.
  • Race-specific rules—Every race will have its own rules. It’s vital to adhere to these rules and request them before your arrival, so you have time to adjust your performance needs.
  • Safety rules—General safety rules apply to nearly every race, so ensure you understand these and abide. Most often, safety rules relate to things such as helmet protection, adequate protective gear, and specific parts on the snowmobile being up to date.
  • Governing body rules—Different snowmobile organizations and events will establish a set of governing body rules, and each one is different from the next. Ensure you receive complete guidance before an event to be prepared for any race.
  • Pit rules—Like auto racing, the pit is a dedicated team of individuals that help maintain the integrity of the craft. They must follow the rules set forth as it will directly impact the snowmobile and racer.

Determine Your Preferred Racing Style

There are six primary forms of racing, which is something to consider before embarking on a career path. If you enter a race type you don’t enjoy as much as another, your results may reflect these conflicts. You can choose from the following racing styles:

  • Drag racing—Head-to-head speed racing
  • Oval racing—Performed on an oval-shaped course
  • Snow-Cross—Multiple racers on a course with obstacles
  • Water-Cross—Also known as water-skipping, performed on bodies of water for a time
  • Cross country—A course held over extensive mileage
  • Vintage racing—Specific to vintage or classic crafts, the race can vary

With this breakdown of snowmobile racing, we hope you can make a suitable decision for your lifestyle and turn your beloved hobby into a successful career. To get your hands on quality gear or to learn more about racing, connect with us at Peak Boys today. Our team of professionals is ready to make your dreams come true!