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Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Snow Monosuit

Investing in quality snow gear takes a lot of your time and resources, and you want to ensure the gear lasts. But sometimes, things get old and wear out like almost anything. Most of your gear will send you a signal that it’s time to upgrade, including your snow monosuit. Here are a few key signs to look for.

Your Suit Is Wetting Out

A waterproof monosuit is essential, but the waterproof technology sometimes wears off, and the suit begins taking in water. When this occurs, you may attempt to reapply the waterproofing with a spray, but it is often time to upgrade the monosuit.

Even with a new waterproof coating, the suit will never wick moisture quite like it did in the beginning. Once your suit gets wet, your overall health and safety become risk factors.

The Material Is Worn

For avid outdoorsmen and women, wear and tear in the material is common. While you want the monosuit to last a lifetime, it just isn’t feasible because of how rugged things get while wearing the suit.

If you are in the snow wearing your monosuit almost every day while playing with your snowmobiles and other crafts, you should expect your monosuit to be worn and need an upgrade after a few seasons. Remember that the primary goal of the suit is to keep you dry and warm, so these factors come into play when the material experiences wear.

You Don’t Feel Warm Enough

Worn material will trigger a lack of warmth in the suit, specifically, things like holes, rips, tatters, and tears. All these things can happen with normal use, so it’s nothing to worry about if your monosuit shows signs of needing upgrading. When you no longer feel warm enough, invest in a new insulated monosuit to replace the old.

The Suit Experienced Damage

Typical wear and tear are common over time, but another sign it’s time to upgrade the monosuit is if you endured an accident and the suit experienced damage. Any time your snow gear withstands tough impacts or harsh elements, the integrity of the materials will begin lacking, and you risk wetting or a lack of thermal insulation. Invest in a new monosuit to avoid the associated risks of suit damage.

It’s challenging to make the decision to invest in new snow gear, but try to remember that your love for the season and sports is worth having quality and reliable equipment. Don’t let your old monosuit keep you down this season and consider these factors when it comes out of storage. Connect with Peak Boys when you’re ready to upgrade!