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Comparing Full-Face and Open-Face Snowmobile Helmets

The unique part about shopping for snowmobile gear is how many choices are available and how personal preferences can take precedence. Where one person may prefer full-face coverage, another may prefer the freedom and flexibility of an open-face helmet. In this article, we compare the two options and help you understand the choices available and how to decide which is best.

Full-Face Helmets

A full-face helmet is generally the gold standard for snowmobile riders and enthusiasts. This option is typically more durable for all types of situations and scenarios you may encounter in the snow, providing maximum protection.

Overall, a full-face helmet can be easier to wear long-term because it is lighter than a modular helmet with lifting components and mechanisms. Should the viewing pane become dirty with debris, it is relatively simple to remove for cleaning. The only downside to a full-face helmet is the potential for feeling claustrophobic. Finding one you feel comfortable with and allows optimal airways for quality breathing is essential.

Open-Face Helmets

Sometimes, the claustrophobia is too challenging to overcome, or the weather is warmer and calls for something more flexible. In this case, an open-face helmet is a suitable option. While some people may argue they are not as safe, it’s essential to note that these options are just as safe and reliable as full-face helmets, pending it fits your head correctly.

When looking at open-face helmets, some considerations include weather conditions, prescription eyewear, and sun protection. If you have a set of prescription riding goggles, an open-face helmet may accommodate your goggles much better than a full-face helmet.

The Core Differences

When comparing the two side by side, personal preference and riding demands are the most significant differences. You want to keep your safety in mind when investing in snowmobile gear, but take your comfort and needs into full consideration. When it comes to full-face or open-face snowmobile helmets, the choice is yours!

Here at Peakboys, we value the helmet buying process and understand that quality and comfort are essential. We carry a full range of CKX Titan snowmobile helmets to meet all your needs. Hopefully, this comparison makes you feel comfortable making an informed decision on which is best for you!