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The Importance of Winterizing Your Personal Watercraft

Before you know it, it will be time to place your beloved watercraft into storage for the off-season. There are several steps to take to ensure proper storage, and following these steps can help prolong the watercraft’s life and guarantee it is ready for next summer. Here, we discuss the importance of winterizing and how to properly tuck your personal watercraft in for the cold.

Thoroughly Clean the Watercraft

Even though you’re placing the watercraft into storage for an extended stay, you want to thoroughly clean the exterior and interior as best as possible. Consider washing the watercraft well with safe soap and water and drying it completely before waxing. While washing, be sure to remove any external accessories and electronics.

You also want to take a shop vacuum to the interior to remove any excess water. If the water sits inside any components of the watercraft, you risk corrosion and long-term damage. Additionally, leaving water in or near the engine can cause a great deal of damage from freezing winter temperatures.

Fill the Gas Tank

Leaving just enough gas in the tank and lines leaves the watercraft at risk of experiencing damage from harsh winter temperatures. Fill the tank to almost full, and then top it off with a fuel stabilizer. A fuel stabilizer can help prevent buildup, as well as prevent damage or contamination to the fuel lines, filters, and carburetors during the off-season.

It’s essential to note that an untreated gas line is subject to long-term damage, and you may need to invest in replacement lines when you pull the watercraft out of storage. To save yourself the inconvenience, it is best to stabilize the fuel and leave the tank full.

Fog the Engine

Fogging the engine will help protect the lines and critical components. Start the engine and apply fog spray to the cylinders until the engine stalls. Be sure to wipe away any excessive or accidental debris and dust to keep the engine clean while working and before placing the watercraft into storage. It’s vital to include the spark plugs in the fogging process to keep them in good working condition.

Invest in Quality Storage Measures

Your storage efforts can make or break all the work you perform on your personal watercraft. A significant factor in adequate winterization is ensuring the watercraft has a reliable and safe place to rest in the offseason. Keeping it out of the harsh elements and temperatures can protect its critical functions and prolong its life.

By investing in climate-controlled storage space, you can store your watercraft throughout the offseason and include any essential watercraft gear. This will ensure your equipment does not degrade over time or experience damage from the winter elements.

The end of the water sports season is a bittersweet time. Tucking away your Sea-Doo riding gear and watercraft comes with many steps, but it’s essential to remember to protect the investment and look forward to a new season ahead. For questions regarding proper storage or care and maintenance for gear and watercraft, connect with our team at Peak Boys today!