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How To Secure Snowmobile Racing Sponsors

When you’re ready to seek out a snowmobile racing sponsor, there are several factors that will play into whether the process is successful. It might seem like you can just pick up the phone, explain your recent accomplishments, and receive sponsorship; however, the process is more complex than that because brands, companies, and labels all want their values represented proudly and properly.

To help you secure a spot with your favorite company, we tailored this comprehensive list of action items that can streamline your focus and get you sponsored. Let’s go!

Consider a Fair Working Ratio

The amount of work you need to put into your skills and sport will surprise you. Taking it on as a hobby will probably not be enough to secure sponsorship. But you should also consider the type of working ratio you’re willing to take on when you’re seeking a partnership.

Generally, a great way to sell yourself as a viable candidate is by following a ratio of 6-to-1. What does this mean? You will give your sponsor up to 6 hours or dollars of exposure or branding in exchange for 1 hour or dollar of pay. This process will require a lot of determination on your behalf to understand how valuable the partnership is to your success.

Work Hard, Play Hard

By understanding a healthy working ratio, you will define working hard. But through all the successes, you should take the time to play just as hard as you work. A sponsor loves somebody who can relax and smile and laugh with a crowd or fans. So, by showing you’re willing to not only work for your rewards but enjoy the success, you give the sponsor the ability to see how multifaceted you are as an individual.

Your primary goal in seeking sponsorship should always be to build long-term partnerships. By being able to work hard and play hard, you can work for the sponsor on or off your snowmobile and potentially increase their overall public traction.

Choose Companies You Truly Love

One of the most beneficial pieces of advice for securing a snowmobile racing sponsor is to hone in on the companies you love. It would not benefit you to work for a company you don’t align with. Not only does this counteract your goals, but it puts the company at a disadvantage because, it is potentially wasting its dollars on you.

Find a company that you truly love with values you appreciate, a product you believe in, and a message you can support. This might mean you have to keep climbing your way toward who you truly love, but you should stay focused on your goal and keep pushing out your content.

Start Small and Climb Your Way

Your favorite company may be at the top of the sponsor pyramid. In this case, you may need to start small and climb your way. Consider any local vendors you can partner with to get your feet in the door.

Typically, your local vendor is in contact with somebody who has access to the larger brands. So, if you can establish yourself with somebody local to you first, you’re on track to climbing the pyramid and layering up your partnerships. However, it’s essential to remember that all things take time, so this local partnership may last months—or even years.

Master Your Skills

You must master your skills. Nobody can receive a quality sponsorship without being the best in their craft. While you may not be able to land the top sponsor on your list, you will certainly climb your way there the better you get. Ensure you commit to the sport and do everything you can to medal, place, and outscore.

Another thing to consider is your communication skills. If you’re the best on the snow but have drastically reduced fanfare or comradery, sponsors may decline to work with you due to lack of public traction. Consider mastering your skills on the snow and then taking the time to enhance your people skills, as mastering the crowd is a significant aspect of a sponsorship.

The Attitude of Gratitude

You will leave a poor impression if you don’t express gratitude toward your mentors, successes, and potential sponsors. The reality is that every brand wants a quality partnership, and if you have a difficult time being thankful and kind toward them or the public, it will be more challenging to secure a full-time sponsorship.

Approach all work opportunities with gratitude, show up to practice and races happy to compete, and engage with the public in a kind manner. The attitude of gratitude will support your want for sponsorship and hopefully land you in good hands.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most organic ways to reach a wide audience. Consider creating an account specifically dedicated to your snowmobiling and follow, interact, and hashtag the names or labels that coincide with your message.

The chances of being seen on the internet are relatively high, because this is where the majority of brands reach their audience. You can also use your social media accounts to showcase your talents, highlights, and events you have attended or will attend—and remember to communicate directly with the people who love you the most.

Use Rejection as a Learning Experience

Unfortunately, you will experience a series of rejections before you ever receive a yes. This is where an attitude of gratitude can play a significant role in your ability to move forward. Being told no to something you want can sink your ship and make you feel like giving up.

It’s critical to understand you will be told no time and time again, with a few yeses in between. Use these hard rejections as learning opportunities to remaster a skill, change your approach, or refine your message. And remember—without these setbacks to re-evaluate and learn, you may never make it to the top.

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How To Secure Snowmobile Racing Sponsors