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Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Snowmobile Helmet

Protective equipment is deliberately designed to withstand impacts. But when equipment takes too much damage, long wear, and hard days, the need for a replacement is inevitable. There are a few warning signs your snowmobile helmet may give you that indicate you need to consider an upgrade. Let’s go over these signals to ensure you remain safe!

If You Experience a Heavy Impact

If you experience a heavy impact on your head, your helmet would need replacing. Even though it may not show any damage, the integrity of the helmet’s construction is now altered.

While it was designed to help you withstand this heavy blow, it may not survive a second or third. If you’re unsure what to look for or how to navigate replacing the helmet after a severe impact, contact a certified CKX helmet dealer.

Visible Signs of Wear

Through enough use and wear, your helmet will naturally age and show signs of degradation. This natural process occurs in all sports gear, but it is also a telltale sign it’s time for a replacement. Given the importance of the snowmobile helmet, consider an upgrade any time wear and tear is visible and worsening. This way, the helmet can do its job if you experience an accident.

Loose Padding or Retention

Another sign of aging your helmet may show is loose padding or retention straps. These things happen over time as you put on and take off your helmet. This is an issue for fit requirements because every helmet is designed to fit the skull properly to allow optimal protection. When these interior design structures begin aging, the helmet will not protect you as well.

Degradation of the EPS Liner

The EPS liner inside a snowmobile helmet is made of expanded polystyrene and provides crucial padding. This is where the shock of an impact will absorb to protect your head from injury. Any time you notice a degradation in the EPS liner, your helmet is considered unsafe and needs replacing promptly.

For questions or concerns about the condition of your snowmobile helmet, connect with us at Peak Boys today! We offer a quality selection of helmets and gear for all experience levels.