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Things To Know About Getting Your Children Into Dirt Biking

When your children begin mentioning an interest in dirt biking, it might be overwhelming to embrace their ambitions. There are many safe and fun ways to get them into the sport without risking their well-being. We created an excellent guide to help you get them into the groove of things safely and competitively. Let’s go!

Invest in Safety Gear

One of the most significant ways you can ensure your child’s safety is to invest in all the appropriate safety gear. If you can include your children in this process, they will have a better time understanding the importance of wearing the gear.

They need to wear things like a helmet, gloves, appropriately fitting pants, long sleeve tops, and potentially chest protectors. Try to keep their focus on the way things fit instead of what things look like to ensure the safety gear can effectively do its job.

Get the Right Dirt Bike and Size

With how technical dirt bikes are, it’s critical to supply your children with the right size bike. It’s not as simple as buying them a traditional bicycle, so you may want to partner with a professional or a friend with years of experience.

A few features common for beginner dirt bike riders include adjustable throttles and automatic transmissions. Commonly, children between the ages of six and eight will get along better with a 50cc dirt bike. On the other hand, more experienced pre-teens with a larger body frame may be compatible with a 110cc dirt bike.

The Lesson of Responsibility

A benefit to embracing this power sport for your child is the opportunity to teach them about responsibility. Dirt biking as a sport can be expensive and time-consuming, so encourage them to maintain their gear so they can learn about how to care for their things. They can also learn basic maintenance tasks like oiling the chains, replacing an air filter, and replacing brake pads.

The Advantages of Riding Lessons

Small children only possess so much learning capacity in a given period. Giving them too much information about their new dirt bike can overwhelm their system and counteract your efforts.

By investing in lessons, they can absorb the information in increments and go at their learning pace. Additionally, the teacher may be able to help assist in in-the-moment maintenance as it comes, which can help them learn to perform their maintenance at home.

Environmental Factors

Consider learning to ride a dirt bike similar to learning to ride any other bicycle. It’s rare to start on rough terrain. While all dirt bikes can withstand the pressures of uneven, rocky trails, until your children learn how to handle the bike and have a healthy grasp on the bike’s features, it’s best to start on level grounds. You can introduce rough terrains as they gain knowledge and experience.

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