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Need for Speed: 8 Ways To Make Your UTV Faster

When you are driving your UTV in a race, you have a need for speed. Although UTVs may not have a reputation for being the fastest vehicles in the world, there are several ways to enhance your UTV’s performance. Read on to learn eight ways to make your UTV faster and make sure you are the first to cross the finish line.

Install the Right Tires

One way that you can improve the speed of your UTV is by making sure you have racing tires that give you a good amount of surface area and a nice grip on the ground. For example, the proper front tires should feature treads on their sides that allow you to maintain adequate contact with the surface as you drive through rough areas.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Another way to make your UTV faster is by making sure you have the proper pressure in all your tires. If your tires have an even amount of air, it will help to improve your speed and performance. However, an unbalanced amount can have a negative effect on both aspects.

In addition, when filling up your tires, remember to stay within the air levels that the manufacturer recommends. Going too low or too high can be detrimental. For example, if you add too much air, it can make your tires rather stiff. But if you add too little, your tires will be more prone to suffering damage, which typically leads to hefty repair or replacement costs.

Use the Right Fuel

You can also quench your need for speed by using a different fuel in your UTV. For example, if you use high-quality fuel, you will be able to reach higher levels efficiently while allowing your UTV to burn it cleanly.

You also may consider using high-quality octane fuel in your UTV. Although this may give you more power and will keep your engine cooler during your face, it includes lead, which can be harmful to Mother Nature. Weigh your need to go faster against your desire to protect the environment when you consider which fuel to use.

Change the Air Filter In Your UTV

Another way to make your UTV go faster is by switching its air filter. Manufacturers design their air filters with the goal of preventing contaminants from entering your combustion chamber.

Unfortunately, some of these filters can limit the amount of air that your engine receives and prevent your vehicle from reaching the speeds you want to achieve. But if you replace that stock filter with an aftermarket product, your UTV will increase its ability to take in air. This change allows it to gain the power you need so that you can go faster.

When searching for a new filter product, try to find one that still manages to provide you with a good level of filtration. No matter whether you find such a filter, remember that you will still need to maintain your filter regularly. Try to keep it clean from dirt and other objects that can block your airflow so that you can continue achieving your desired speeds.

Add a Turbo Kit

You can also bring more air into your engine with the help of a turbo kit. With a vacuuming action, this kit draws even more air into the UTV’s engine. It also uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine, driving an increased amount of air into the intake system. This air will boost the amount of speed that your UTV can achieve.

If you are thinking about installing a turbo kit on your own, make sure you seriously consider whether that is the best decision. These kits can be challenging to install, so make sure that you have the proper tools and ample time to do it. Otherwise, you may want to leave this job to the professionals. If you perform an installation incorrectly, you could cause severe damage to your UTV.

Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Another way to add to your UTV’s speed is by upgrading your exhaust system. After increasing the amount of air that will flow into your engine, you will need to make exchanges so that it can manage the extra production of exhaust.

If you do not make the necessary adjustments, you may risk causing your UTV to suffer major issues. You can ensure that your vehicle can handle the extra exhaust by upgrading to an aftermarket system. The upgrade will allow the exhaust to safely leave your vehicle as you enjoy improved speed capabilities.

Buy an ECU Tuner

You also can help your UTV go faster with an ECU tuner. After you plug the tuner into your vehicle’s electrical system, you have the ability to remove limiters and improve your UTV’s performance.

You can increase the UTV’s speed with the tuner by making changes to your ignition timing and fuel curve. These settings will alter how much fuel your vehicle provides at specific RPMs while enhancing your acceleration. Overall, the tuner will allow you to ensure your vehicle is in tune with your own desire to go faster.

Pick Up a New Clutch Kit

Finally, you can also enhance your vehicle with the help of a new clutch kit. Although the kit itself does not have an impact on your engine’s level of power, it can enhance how much power the engine sends to your wheels.

The clutch kit will lower the level of inefficiencies that you may currently experience in the stock clutch. Manufacturers usually build the stock clutch so that your UTV will perform in everyday settings, but that is where an aftermarket clutch set can help you.

With an aftermarket set, you can improve your speed while removing the limitations of the stock set. The set can also make your UTV more reliable so that you will spend less time worrying about repairs and more time working toward your eventual victory lap.

When you set out to increase your speed on your UTV vehicle, make sure that you are using quality parts in the process. At Peakboys, we are ready to help you find top-of-the-line powersports parts to enhance your acceleration and drive straight into the winner’s circle.

Need for Speed: 8 Ways To Make Your UTV Faster