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5 Safety Tips To Reduce Jet Ski Accidents

While enjoying the water and fresh air on a jet ski, the last thing you want is for the fun to be interrupted by an accident because you weren’t being careful. Fortunately, some very simple ways to prevent an incident can keep you or others on the water safe. Here are five safety tips to reduce jet ski accidents.

Watch Out for Others

One way to prevent a jet ski accident is by watching out for others. As soon as you get on the water, make yourself aware of the people around you. They might be swimming, boating, or riding on their own jet skis. Being aware of others on the water will reduce the chances of a collision.

Avoid Shallow Areas

Another safety tip to reduce jet ski accidents is to stay out of shallow areas. When you travel through these areas, you may have difficulty steering and even crash. Your jet ski may pull debris into its pumps, such as rocks and sand, that can damage the vehicle.

Only Ride a Jet Ski Sober

You should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when driving a jet ski; otherwise, you will threaten the safety of yourself and everyone else on the water. Although you may think you are in good condition to go for a ride, your reaction time will be slower, and your decision-making abilities will be impaired, which can cause you to get into an accident.

Learn the Rules of Operating Your Jet Ski

You also avoid accidents on the water by ensuring you know how to operate your jet ski. If you have recently purchased one, sign up for a proficiency course to learn how to use it. You should determine if you are in a U.S. state requiring you to pass an approved boater safety class and earn an operator card or certificate.

Some states also require minors over a specific age to be accompanied by an adult with a valid boating license as they operate a personal watercraft (PWC). Make sure you know how to operate your jet ski and understand the rules before hitting the water.

Wear a Life Jacket

It is also important to wear safety apparel when you jet ski, particularly a life jacket. If you fall into the water, the jacket will help you keep your head above the water so that you won’t drown, and people can rescue you more easily. It is better to wear a life jacket and not need it than need one and not have it.

By taking these safety measures, you will ensure your welfare and the safety of others. At Peakboys, we can help you find the right Sea-Doo apparel so you can stay safe and have fun while jet skiing.