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What To Wear Snowmobiling: A Quick Guide to Staying Warm

When you’re snowmobiling, you don’t want to cut your trip short because you’re too cold. It can happen if you don’t know what to wear. Here’s a quick guide to staying warm when you’re snowmobiling.

Find a Good Underlayer

One of the first things you’ll need is a water-wicking underlayer close to your skin and absorbs that evaporates your sweat. The wicking features of the layer allow it to spread out the moisture so that it doesn’t stay on your skin. It also prevents your clothes from getting damp and soggy while you’re out for a ride.

Purchase an Insulated Monosuit

Another item you should wear while snowmobiling is an insulated monosuit. You’ll stay warm thanks to the suit’s ability to protect you from piercing cold winds. You also have the option of picking one that’s windproof and waterproof and comes with vents if you find yourself getting extra hot. You can simply open the vents and let out the extra heat so that you can cool off and stay comfortable.

Protect Your Head With a Helmet and Mask

It’s also important to protect your head when out in the cold. Make sure you pick up a helmet that fits snugly onto your head and protects it from injuries. You can also purchase a mask or balaclava to wear underneath that will keep your face and neck warm and toasty.

Get Some Gloves for Your Hands

Don’t forget about your hands when you’re buying clothes. Try to pick ones that are not only windproof and waterproof but also give you a good grip. That feature will help you more safely steer your vehicle as you travel through the snow.

Keep Your Feet Warm With Socks and Boots

You need to protect your feet with the right socks and boots. Look for socks that can provide you with the necessary structure and support. They should also have moisture-wicking capabilities.

When it comes to boots, pick ones that allow you to get traction as they protect your feet. You should also buy a pair with breathable liners so that you can be surer that your feet are safe as you journey through the snow.                       

Having fun while snowmobiling is crucial, but don’t overlook your need to stay warm. At Peakboys, we can help you pick the right clothes to keep you warm on your snowy adventure.