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CKX Titan Snowmobile Helmet

The 210° goggles and the Titan helmet design combine perfectly to ensure a perfect seal when the removable muzzle is in place. In addition, the unique design of the goggles and helmet provide an unrivaled 210 field of view. This is a first for a helmet in this category.

To ensure the comfort of a modular helmet in a backcountry helmet, designers have developed a special hermetic system, protecting the driver against weather conditions. First of its kind in the world. This system based on three major components.

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To ensure a perfect fit between the goggles and the helmet, the goggles are designed to e fully compatible with the helmet. The result is a high-end goggle created to tailor-fit the Titan helmet.

Nose and Breath Guard

The New 210° Goggles oversized nose guard provides superior protection to the snowmobiler's cheeks and nose. Moreover, the breath guard is made from flexible polyurethane material to perfectly fit on the nose guard for a maximum seal.


Because every detail matters, a closed-cell foam piece of insulation material has been added to the goggles upper comfort contour to provide an additional barrier against cold wind infiltration.

The Titan is the very first modular backcountry helmet in the world

The removable muzzle technology offers numerous new opportunities in this class of helmet. Operated with only one finger, using a sturdy, cleverly designed mechanism, this quick release system is ergonomic and very easy to use even in cold weather. The muzzle can be opened or removed from the helmet, at any time. Using this new technology. The rider can control his way of breathing and speak much more easily with the helmet on.

Titan Air Flow

Titan Air Flow is designed to maximize the air circulation throughout the helmet. The new version of the titan is the ultimate solution for ackcountry enthusiasts who require even more ventilation.


  • Forehead vent trap
  • Side plate vent traps
  • Muzzle air inlet
  • 210 goggle ventilation foam
  • New Cheek pads opened design to reduce face contact

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