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4 Important Things To Do When Operating a PWC

Hopping on a jet ski for a ride around the ocean or lake is a lot of fun, but you must also follow a few steps and guidelines to stay safe. We’ve got a few key tips to remember so you can enjoy the experience without taking unnecessary risks. Read on to learn four important things to do when operating a PWC.

Wear a Life Jacket

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the driver or the passenger—a life jacket is a requirement on any personal watercraft. It may seem unnecessary if you know how to swim, but you never know what can happen on the water. A life jacket is a must-have, as it can keep you safe when the unexpected happens.

Stay Alert

You need to think about more than just you and your passengers when riding a jet ski—you also need to stay aware of others on the water. Keep an eye out for boats and other jet skis, but don’t forget to also watch for swimmers and inner tubers. It’s easy to fall out of a boat and into the water, so remember to watch for bobbing heads.

Use Proper Safety Precautions

One of the best things you can do for a safe PWC ride is to formulate a plan beforeyou get on the jet ski. You’ll want to think about what happens should you go overboard. For instance, consider the age of your jet ski. Older models don’t have the kill switch that triggers as soon as you fall off. Consider installing a safety switch if your jet ski doesn’t have one already.

Bring the Right Gear

Finally, be sure to take along the right powersports accessories. We already mentioned a life jacket, but you should also take gloves, a signaling device, and perhaps even a GPS to prevent you from losing your way on the open water.

Now that you know these four important things to do when operating a PWC, have a great time on the water while staying safe!