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A Quick Guide to Measuring for a Snowmobile Helmet

Riding a snowmobile can be a refreshing experience as you travel quickly through areas of fresh snow. But it is also important to have the right helmet to ensure a safe experience. If you are unsure how to pick one that will fit, here is a quick guide to measuring for a snowmobile helmet.

Measure Your Head

When you buy a snowmobiling helmet, you want to make sure it is not too tight or too loose. And you can’t tell whether a helmet is a good match just by looking at pictures. Instead of guessing, you need to do one of the most important steps of measuring for a snowmobile helmet:  get the size of your head.

You can do this by putting a tape measure horizontally around your head. You should start at the center of your forehead and wrap the tape around the back of your head. As you do, make sure that the measure stays above your ears and eyebrows and that you pull it comfortably and securely against your head. These steps will help ensure that you get the correct measurement.

Determine Your Size

When you have determined the circumference of your head, you will next need to review the sizing chart of the helmet manufacturer. This will allow you to match the size of your head with the appropriate size helmet. After that, you will be able to start shopping.

Make Sure Your Helmet Fits

If you have completed the previous steps correctly, your helmet should fit snugly onto your head. However, if you feel discomfort or the helmet moves when you lower and lift your head, you may have the wrong size.

You have many helmet options to choose from, and with this guide, you should find the right one that fits. At Peakboys, we are ready to help you find Ski-Doo clothing that keeps you comfortable, safe, and looking good as you ride through the snow.