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5 Essential Snowmobile Accessories You Need

Once you invest in a monosuit, helmet, and boots, you’re ready to hit the snowy mountains and trails for snowmobiling adventures. However, you’ll still be missing a few key items that can assist in your comfort, safety, and warmth. Here is a closer look at five essential snowmobile accessories you need.

Shovel and Saw

During your snowy adventures, you might get stuck. If this happens, you’ll need a quality shovel and saw to extract yourself and your snowmobile from the terrain.

Don’t waste time investing in the grocery-store version you’d use for your driveway. Go ahead and get yourself the Ski-Doo shovel because it’s made specifically with snowmobiles in mind. Plus, they’re often light enough that anyone in the crew can carry and use them.

Tool Kit

In addition to the shovel and saw, if you find yourself stuck somewhere on a trail, a tool kit could be the thing that helps you get going again. This tool kit is essentially a first aid kit for the protection and safety of your machine. Invest in a small kit to store under your seat or in your riding bag.

Quality Leather Gloves

To accompany your other accessories and gear, you need a pair of quality leather gloves. Gloves are an essential snowmobile accessory, and every professional would agree.

You may need to take your gloves off and on while out on the trails, but if your hands are too cold to perform basic functions, they can hinder you. A high-quality pair of leather gloves can combat frigid temperatures and warm you right back up after your hands are exposed to the cold air.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is usually an afterthought for many snowmobilers, but it’s essential to helping you stay warm. If your entire body is covered but your neck is exposed, you run the risk of experiencing windburn. And while a windburn is not the worst-case scenario for many riders, it is still a pain to deal with and can easily be avoided with a gaiter.

Body-Secure Bag

A body-secure bag is an accessory bag that attaches and secures to the body. This can look like a leg bag or waist bag—whichever you prefer. The primary goal of this accessory is to safely and securely store your small personal items without running the risk of losing them. These bags are generally small enough to tuck into your monosuit or jacket and remain in place while riding, regardless of intensity.

To equip yourself or a member of your riding crew with these essential snowmobile accessories, connect with Peakboys. We offer the industry’s most trusted and reliable brands to support all your adventures. Visit our Ski-Doo apparel collection to grab your essential accessories today!