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4 Tips To Keep Your Dirt Bike in Top Shape

When riding your dirt bike on a track or rugged area, you need it to be in good condition. Otherwise, you may find it breaking down or may experience an accident that’ll leave you hurt or dead. Here are four tips to keep your dirt bike in top shape.

Give It a Cleaning

When you finish riding, don’t give in to the urge to put off cleaning it until the next day. Make sure you give your bike a good cleaning immediately to rid it of any dirt. Doing it now may prevent the dirt from harming your aluminum frame or engine block.

Pay special attention to the bike’s sprockets, chains, and additional moving parts when cleaning. If they stay dirty, they may decay and lose their ability to perform for you. By cleaning, you’ll improve your rides and save yourself from the costs of buying replacement parts.

Look at Your Tires

Checking tires regularly is a good idea when you’re caring for your car. The same goes for your dirt bike. After returning from a ride, look at the pressure on each tire. 

Ensuring you have the right pressure will reduce your chances of experiencing a flat. It’ll also improve your ability to control your bike with your grips while on a track or trail.

Maintain Your Brakes

No one should underestimate the value of having good brakes, especially when driving off the road. Look at your brake pads and replace them if they seem substantially worn. Some pads will even come with marks that give you a good indication of whether you should change them.

But don’t ignore the brake fluid. You should check if you need to refill or replace it and see if your brake lines are still in good condition.

Oil Your Chain

Lubricating your chain is another good tip to keep your dirt bike in top shape. After you remove any pieces of mud that have found their way in, apply the proper amount of lubricant to the chain. This will improve the quality of your ride and allow the chain to last longer.

When you properly maintain your dirt bike, you’ll enhance its performance and get the most enjoyment out of your ride. If you’re looking for power sports equipment for your dirt bike, contact Peakboys. We have parts to help you maintain your bike and gear so that you can ride in style.