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Tips for Storing Your Winter Sports Gear During the Summer

When it’s time to pack your winter sports gear for the season, there are several things you should consider. Most of your gear was an investment, so you want to ensure you extend its lifecycle by taking care of it. We compiled a quick list of action items to help you properly store your gear for the summer and get it ready for the next winter adventure!

Clean Your Equipment Prior to Storing

You want to treat your investment like it’s worth something to you. Giving all your equipment a thorough cleaning before you put it in storage can help you decrease the chances of rotting hardware and degradation. Dirt, debris, and salt all kick up onto your gear throughout the snowy season, so take the time to ensure everything is completely free of grime.

Ensure Everything Is Dry

After cleaning, make sure everything is dry. Whether you set it in the sun to air dry or take the time to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, this step can complete the cleaning process. Any time you leave water to sit on the hardware and materials, you risk rusting and corrosion.

Drying also includes your monosuits. You want to ensure these are fully dry before storing them because you risk degradation of materials when they are left to sit. These materials have a specific design structure to keep you warm in the winter, so it’s vital to maintain their integrity.

Consider Performing Maintenance

Another factor to consider when cleaning your winter sports gear is performing maintenance. Doing these maintenance checks at the end of the season can keep you from having any downtime while you’re in the thick of things. Typically, it’s best to consider maintenance before storage so when the season begins, you’re ready to go.

Climate-Controlled Facility Options

It’s common to store your winter sports gear in the garage over the summer, but consider investing in a climate-controlled storage facility. This way, you have a safe space to store all sports gear throughout the year. A facility with climate control can ensure your gear stays in the condition you left it after cleaning and help deter any rotting or corrosion from fluctuating or harsh temperatures.

Remember Your Boots

Don’t forget to care for your boots the same way you would your gear. It is relatively common to keep boots or bindings in the closet, but consider storing them with the rest of your gear.

Give them a cleaning to release any buildup and prolong their life, and then set them with the equipment to free up closet space and keep them safe with everything else. Your boots must be dry and free of debris before setting them aside during the warmer months.

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