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Snowmobile Gloves vs. Snowmobile Mittens: Which Is Better?

When driving through snowy, cold weather on your snowmobile, keeping your hands covered is always a good idea. You can choose to wear snowmobile gloves or snowmobile mittens, but you may wonder which is better. Read below to learn the advantages of both.

Gloves Offer More Dexterity

One advantage of snowmobile gloves is more dexterity than mittens. The individual fingers of the gloves give you an advantage when you need to do things like flip switches or press buttons on your snowmobile.

They also can help you adjust parts of your gear, such as buckles and zippers. These kinds of tasks can be harder to do when wearing mittens or may require you to take off your gloves.

Mittens Are Warmer

Snowmobile mittens offer more warmth than snowmobile gloves. Mittens keep your hands warmer as you ride, thanks to their thicker insulation. Additionally, they feature less surface area for your body heat to escape. Your fingers also will be able to share warmth inside the mittens, which will keep your hands toasty as you ride.

Which Should I Wear?

Deciding which is better depends on you and your preferences as a snowmobiler. Some might find the extra warmth of mittens more advantageous since snowmobiling does not cause your body to generate as much internal heat as you would when skiing. Other riders prefer to wear gloves since they can use all their fingers, especially when operating their snowmobile. Although gloves offer less warmth, you may prefer that extra control and make up for it on your vehicle with heated grips. It all depends on what you are more comfortable with riding.

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