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Planning a Jet Ski Expedition: What To Pack

When you ride a jet ski, you can count on the fun experience of speeding through the water with the wind in your hair. Before you set out, though, you must ensure you properly plan for a jet ski expedition. Read below to learn what to pack and enjoy a safe experience.

Pack a Life Jacket

You may think you have everything covered with your trunks or bathing suit, but one item you must ensure you pack is a life jacket. Even if this is not your first time on a jet ski, make sure to bring a life jacket since it will protect you if you fall off during your ride. Take one along that comes with a comfortable fit and gives you freedom of movement while keeping you safe.

Bring Shorts or Pants

Two other items to pack while planning for your jet ski expedition are a pair of wetsuit shorts or pants with neoprene material. Neoprene will help keep you warm when traveling in cold water by insulating your body against the cold temperatures. Make sure to pick products that prevent chafing and friction on your skin.

Take a Pair of Riding Goggles

The saltwater spray of the ocean can sting or temporarily blind you as you ride, so you must protect your eyes and maintain as clear a view as possible. Pack a pair of riding goggles that will keep the water out of your eyes as you drive your jet ski.

Protect Your Hands With Gloves

You should also remember to pack gloves, especially if you are new to riding jet skis. A good pair of gloves will help you maintain a strong grip, even when your handlebars get wet and become too slippery for bare hands to hold.

The gloves also provide a good layer to keep your hands warm and protect you from getting blisters. You’ll improve your chances of staying on your jet ski and reduce your discomfort if you wear a pair of gloves.

Having fun on your jet ski is important, but staying safe needs to be your priority. At Peakboys, we can help you pick out the right Sea-Doo clothing to ensure you stay safe while having a good time on the water.