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Five Snowmobile Routes Worth Exploring This Winter

North America features some of the most iconic snowmobile routes for riders of all experience levels. Part of the allure to getting rough and rowdy with your machine is embarking on rugged trails, soaking in the views, and enjoying the memories created with friends along the way. Let’s dive deep into five must-visit routes this winter and get your snowmobile days off to a solid start.

Togwotee Mountain Lodge, Wyoming

Located in Moran, Wyoming, is Togwotee Mountain Lodge. For those seeking otherworldly experiences, this is it. The lodge is in proximity to Grand Teton and Bridger-Teton, so bring a camera with you to capture the lush forests and powdery snowfall. Togwotee sees more than 500 inches of snowfall every season and offers over 600 miles of trail, making this location a sledder’s absolute dream.

Camp Hale, Colorado

In 1942, the U.S. Army used these grounds as a training facility. Years later, the grounds became one of the most beautiful destinations in the country for snowmobiling. Camp Hale sits between the Eagle River and Red Cliff, Colorado, and features exciting climbs, twisty routes, and various other activities. Camp Hale offers more than awesome snowmobiling routes, which makes it excellent for large groups or families with small children.

Brainerd Lakes, Minnesota

When it comes to winter sports, you probably didn’t think of Minnesota first. But let Brainerd Lakes change your mind. There are over 1,200 routes and paths to take with your snowmobile, so you’ll get in plenty of sightseeing. The routes receive excellent care and respect from the local snowmobile clubs, making them excellent for speed, leisure, and competitive riding.

Green Mountains, Vermont

The Green Mountains in Vermont combine various altitudes and routes to create the cluster of trails at Mount Snow. Some of the most skilled riders enjoy Mount Snow for its rugged routes and pillowy snow. The Green Mountains experience roughly 160 inches of snowfall annually, with temperatures facing near-freezing most of the season, so don’t forget your Ski-Doo clothing and gear. Mount Snow is ideal for families with small children, with tours offered for ages 4 to 11.

Seeley Lake, Montana

Seeley Lake, Montana, is the experienced sledder’s playground. There are over 365 miles of dynamic and intense terrains that offer one-of-a-kind thrills. Most people head to Yellowstone, but Seeley Lake takes the cake in rough and rowdy. Take on the backcountry when you need a day to unplug, take on an adventure, and play in the snow.

With these five unique routes and destinations, there’s no need to leave the country this winter to enjoy exploring on your snowmobile. These one-of-a-kind destinations fit every experience level and need. Remember to grab your gear, stay warm, and have fun!