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A Quick Guide to Essential Dirt Bike Gear

Before you ride your dirt bike, you must ensure you wear the right gear to keep your body safe. Check out this quick guide to essential dirt bike gear to guarantee that you will ride again in the future.

Your Helmet

One essential item you will need is a helmet to protect your head while you ride. It is important to find one that fits your head appropriately, so make sure you pick out one that is comfortably snug and does not feel like it is pulling your head down.

In addition, look for a product that does not feel loose on your head. It will not provide you with proper protection if it moves.

Your Goggles

Protecting your eyes is critical, so another piece of essential dirt bike gear is a set of goggles. Pick one with a strap that will allow you to put it around the back of your helmet while keeping the goggles firmly over your eyes. The strap will ensure your goggles don’t slip off at a critical moment during your ride.

But how well you can see through the goggles is also important. Ensure they give you a good field of vision so you can properly view your environment when you try them on.

Your Jersey and Pants

Picking the appropriate clothes to wear over your body is also crucial. Avoid jerseys and pants that are too restrictive when deciding on which to wear while riding since they can limit your movement on your bike. However, ensure they have long sleeves to protect your arms from scrapes or other injuries.

Pick pants that come with protective features and offer you ventilation when you’re ready to shop for them. The latter will stop you from becoming too hot and make your ride more enjoyable.

Your Gloves and Boots

Ensure you have a comfortable yet quality pair of gloves to protect your hands while you ride. These gloves should allow you to maintain your handlebar grip while protecting your hands from injuries if you take a spill.

Finding the right pair of boots is also essential. You don’t want to suffer a broken foot or ankle if you have an accident on your bike, so find a pair of boots that, like your helmet, provide comfort while ensuring your safety.

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