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Helpful Tips for Making Your Snow Gear Last Longer

As an avid snowmobiler, you will likely take major steps to ensure your vehicle will last a long time. You should make sure that your snowmobiling clothes also last for the long haul. Read below for helpful tips for making your snow gear last longer.

Wash Your Gear at the End of the Season

One thing you can do to make your snowmobiling gear last longer is to wash your outerwear at the end of the season. You can wash your clothes in a regular household washing machine with liquid detergent.

If you want to go beyond normal cleaning, you can opt to wash them with a high-performance, specialty cleaner that will revitalize the waterproof features and breathability of the clothes. That will help ensure they continue performing for you when you are out in the snow.

Dry and Test Your Clothes After Washing

Another helpful tip for making your snow gear last longer is to dry and test your clothes for water repellency after washing them. If the manufacturers made your clothes with a durable water-repellant (DWR) finish, you should test the finish to see if it still works after drying.

Use the tumble dry low setting when you put your clothes into the dryer. Afterward, you can test your clothes to see if the finish still works by lightly spraying your clothes with water.

Reapply a DWR Coating

If the water beads up on your clothes’ surface, your DWR finish is still working. However, if you find that the clothing absorbs the water, it means that the finish is no longer active.

Instead of going out and buying new clothes, purchase a spray-on treatment that you can use on the exterior. That will allow you to get more life out of your clothes and delay purchasing replacements.

Taking good care of your riding gear is essential to your snowy adventure. At Peakboys, we offer Ski-Doo apparel that is easy to take care of so that you stay safe and comfortable on your snowmobile.