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New Arrivals

As winter beckons, it's time to get ready for some frosty thrills! Meet your new winter companion: the 509 Delta V Ignite Helmet. Say goodbye to fogged visors and icy discomfort with its Ignite version, promising crystal-clear vision in even the wildest snowstorms. If staying connected with your crew is a must, the Commander version has you covered. But here's the kicker - it's available in a sleek Carbon Fiber finish for those who crave lightweight toughness. And let's not forget the Venturi Venting System, your personal climate control for ultimate comfort. With these helmets, you're geared up for a winter adventure like never before. Stay warm, stay connected, and brace yourself for a season of snow-packed excitement!


Unveiling the Advex Sport Design

Let's start with what's going to grab your attention right away: the design. The Ski-Doo Advex Sport Radiant Helmet is part of the new Advex line, and the Sport model is all about the flat color finish. The Radiant designation, though, is where the excitement kicks in because it means this helmet comes equipped with an electric shield. But wait, there's more! You can also opt for this helmet without the electric shield, making it versatile for all your winter adventures.

Style and Safety in One Package

This helmet is a fashion-forward choice designed to not only protect your head but to do so in style. The flat color finish is sleek and modern, and it's bound to make you stand out as you hit the slopes. This helmet is the perfect blend of form and function, delivering a chic look alongside outstanding protection.