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F.A.S.T Float Assist Safety Technology


F.A.S.T insulation is made from an expanded, low-density polyethylene foam membrane that offers buoyancy assistance for up to two hours. The Floatation membrane construction has excellent insulation properties, even when wet, which is integral should you be submerged. The F.A.S.T membrane is also moisture resistant and lightweight, which allows the user to retain excellent warmth and mobility. Important FXR jacket and pants with F.A.S.T must be worn together as a suit to achieve buoyancy properties. Additionally, F.A.S.T items will be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents. F.A.S.T equipped products provide exceptional mobility, warmth, style, and attention to detail while offering buoyancy properties, but are not coast guard approved.


Provides protection from the elements like a monosuit with the mobile fit of a two-piece suit. FXR’s exclusive Dri-Link™ technology allows a 2pc suit to be connected at the waist with a 360° zipper system, giving it similar protective properties to a monosuit, from both cold temperatures and snow ingestion. The Dri-Link™ acts as an expansion gusset. allowing short or tall riders to adjust the waist height and inseam to their preference. This increases mobility and allows the rider to move their legs freely.

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Advanced Climate Management Technology

ACMT Advanced Climate Management Technology is FXR's proprietary collection of dry mesh venting, dual-layered HydrX Pro laminated and seam sealed linings, creating a dual layer moisture shield. This elite combination dramatically improves an outwear garment's ability to maintain waterproofness, breathability, reduce condensation, and manage the inner micro-climate zone between the body and the garment by creating a dual moisture shield against the damp and cold. FXR's ACMT HydrX Pro combination is guaranteed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable during high-intensity rides.


HydrX is FXR's exclusive single layer moisture shield that is applied to the outer shell of FXR products. HydrX is applied as a single layer laminate in mid-level FXR garment and a single layer coating in entry-level FXR garments.


Omni Stretch™ shell material provides maximum stretch and mobility while allowing the shell material to take impacts from trees and rocks, with minimal chance of snagging or tearing. Omni Stretch™ is extremely durable and provides the greatest amount of stretch in a rugged shell material in the industry. Available in select premium FXR Jackets, Pants, and Monosuits.

Thermal Flex

FXR’s Thermal Flex™ insulation is a powerful blend of polyester fiberfill that provides exceptional warmth and flexibility at any temperature. Unlike other fiber fills, which often become stiff in cold weather, our Thermal Flex™ insulation provides superior comfort, mobility and warmth season after season, wet or dry. Our trade-marked insulation is used in both fixed and removable liner systems, in both jackets and pants meaning all of our products come with unbeatable
heat retention abilities.

Dry Vent System

The new Dry Vent™ System is a high-performance venting system that maximizes ventilation in radial side body vents and the chest of FXR jackets and the inner and outer thigh of FXR pants. Seam-sealed venting mesh eliminates snow ingestion in all snow conditions, including bottomless powder or wet snow. It uses the cold air entering the vents to exhaust the warm air built within the inner microclimate between your jacket/ pant and base layers. FXR’s trademarked Dry Vent™ System is 99% more effective at controlling your core temperature and keeping you dry than any waterproof/ breathable system on the planet.


EXKIN® PLATINUM® is the ultimate technology for increased warmth. Exkin® Platinum® thermal technology maintains warmth, prevents heat loss
and retains insulating properties even when wet. Lightweight construction does not compromise mobility by adding bulk. Added to the back and chest
of FXR products, it adds warmth to places that lose the most from being exposed to the wind.

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