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Differences Between Snowmobile and ATV Helmets

You may notice similarities when you look at snowmobile and ATV helmets. These differences may make you wonder, “Can I use an ATV helmet when riding a snowmobile?” It is better not to since it doing so can have an impact on the safety of your ride. Read on to discover several of the differences between snowmobile and ATV helmets.

The Helmets Differ in Design

One area where snowmobile and ATV helmets differ greatly is in their designs. For example, manufacturers make snowmobile helmets specifically for riders to travel through frigid, snowy conditions. The helmets feature shapes that help them cope with wind, while the face shields prevent snow and other debris from getting into their eyes.

Meanwhile, helmet manufacturers make their ATV products for riding in off-road environments. These come with more rounded designs and have sun visors that help keep the glaring rays out of the driver’s eyes so that they don’t get into an accident.

Their Ventilation Systems Operate Differently

Snowmobile and ATV helmets also are opposites when it comes to their ventilation systems. When a rider wears a snowmobile helmet while out in the cold, its ventilation system keeps the wearer warm. It takes moisture out of the helmet while limiting the amount of cold air it lets in so that the rider stays comfortable.

Manufacturers make ATV helmets with ventilation systems that increase airflow and remove warm air from the inside of the helmet. This helps keep things breathable for the wearer as they ride through areas with hot temperatures.

They Also Differ in Protective Features

Wearers can find differences between snowmobile and ATV helmets in their protective features. When you put on a snowmobile helmet, you should find it heavier than an ATV helmet since it features additional padding to protect your head and insulation to keep you warm from the cold.

On the other hand, manufacturers build ATV helmets to protect wearers in the event of crashes. Instead of a two-way shield like one would find on a snowmobile helmet, ATV helmets feature a one-way shield, which will prevent anything sharp from breaking through.

Now that you know many of the differences between snowmobile and ATV helmets, you can understand why getting the proper one for your vehicle is important. If you are looking for a CKX Titan helmet for riding your snowmobile, contact Peakboys. We have the technology to keep your vision clear and safe as you ride.