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How To Care for and Wash Your Monosuit Properly

When you wear your monosuit while snowmobiling, you do it to keep yourself warm and comfortable in wet, frigid conditions. However, you must take proper care of your monosuit to ensure it continues to provide you with that protection. Read below to find out how to care for and wash your monosuit properly so it will continue performing well for your snowy adventures.

How To Care for Your Monosuit

Knowing how to care for a snowmobile monosuit is essential for proper maintenance. Learn how to do the things below during the snowmobiling season or during storage periods when the weather gets warmer.

How To Maintain the DWR Finish

One thing you must do to care for your monosuit properly is maintain the effectiveness of its durable water-repellant (DWR) finish. Over time, the finish can wear down from repeated use of the suit, environmental factors, or even the process of washing it.

You can test the finish to make sure it’s still working by seeing if water beads up on the suit’s surface. If it does, then the DWR finish is still functional. Conversely, if the suit absorbs the water, it indicates the finish is no longer effective. 

Fortunately, you can easily resolve a weakened finish by using a spray-on treatment. You can do this after you do one final wash before putting the suit into storage for the spring.

How To Remove a Stain

If you ever stain your monosuit, try to treat the stain immediately. That will give you a much better chance of removing it. Try removing the stain with a small amount of dish detergent on a cloth. Afterward, rinse it with water. The monosuit’s manufacturer may also have a product that will help you protect the suit against future stains, so you might consider investing in such a protectant.

How To Store Your Monosuit

When you put your monosuit in storage for the season, it should be in the same condition when you pull it out next winter. But if you don’t properly store your monosuit, you may have to buy a replacement when winter rolls around.

For proper storage, one of the key steps is to avoid keeping the suit in a place where mold and mildew grow. You can do that by avoiding parts of your house that experience extreme shifts in temperature and humidity, such as your attic or basement.

You should also put the monosuit in a cool, dry place where sunlight can’t reach it. That will prevent its colors from fading. Also, hanging your monosuit is better than folding it, as creases can cause the water-repellant treatment to weaken.

You should also take steps to protect your monosuit from moths. Some people buy mothballs, but those can be toxic to you and your pets. You can go a safer route by using cedar balls or lavender sachets to deter moths from your monosuit.

Finally, if you want to ensure you easily find your monosuit when winter comes around, put it in the same place where you store the rest of your snowmobiling gear. This way, you will easily find it even if you forget where you put it.

How To Clean Your Monosuit

In addition to knowing how to store your monosuit for the off-season, you must know how to wash it properly. Cleaning plays an important role in preserving the suit so it stays effective on your adventures.

How Often You Need To Wash It

One question you may have is how often you should wash your monosuit. This can depend on the manufacturer. One manufacturer might say you can clean it as often as you want, while another might warn against excessive cleaning to avoid lowering the effectiveness of the DWR finish.

You can get a definite answer by checking inside the monosuit for a label with instructions about the cleaning process. Usually, however, manufacturers will agree that it’s best you wash the suit before putting it into storage when winter ends. This is largely because washing it eliminates any odors, which could otherwise attract pests that can damage the suit. Furthermore, you will be glad to pull a fresh-smelling suit out of storage when winter rolls around again.

How To Wash the Monosuit

Before you wash the monosuit, zip up all its zippers and fasten any snaps or Velcro. You should then be able to wash it in a regular washing machine, unless your manufacturer’s instructions tell you to do something different.

You may be able to use regular laundry soap or detergent to clean the suit, but again, refer to the instructions on your suit’s label. The manufacturer may recommend you use a different type of soap that helps you avoid discoloration or any other negative impacts. You also should avoid using any bleach or fabric softener during the washing process. This will help you prevent any colors from fading or additional weakening of the DWR finish.

How To Dry the Monosuit

As with the washing process, your monosuit’s label will likely feature instructions on how to dry it properly. Still, many manufacturers recommend you use a regular dryer on the tumble dry setting at a low or medium heat. Once the suit is dry, you will want to test the DWR finish and see if it still works.

Plus, you should make certain the suit is fully dry before putting it into storage. Otherwise, lingering moisture could cause mold or mildew to develop during the storage months. If mold growth occurs, you will need to invest in a new suit. So by doing one last check, you can save yourself the cost of a new suit.

Now you know how to care for and wash your monosuit properly. By following these instructions, you should be able to take better care of your monosuit and preserve it so it provides long-lasting, quality protection and warmth for many future winters. Still, monosuits eventually wear down. If you need to buy a new monosuit—or your first—contact us at Peakboys! We can help you find the right gear to keep you comfortable during your adventures in the snow.

How To Care for and Wash Your Monosuit Properly