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Arai Corsair-X Carbon Integral Helmet

Size Guide
Arai Intermediate Oval Sizing Chart

How to choose an Arai Helmet? 

First, you need to measure the circumference of your head. 

Second, each Arai Model Helmet has a different shape because every rider doesn't have the same head.

Corsair-X, Defiant-X, Regent-X, Ram-X, Classic-V, XD-4 and VX-PRO4

Those helmets are an intermediate oval shape and it was designed for riders whose heads are slightly wider rather than elongated. The round oval shape was achieved by using an interior headliner that combines thicker front and rear pads with thinner side pads.

Arai GP-5W SA2015 Helmet at CMS

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Arai Corsair-X Carbon Integral Helmet

The Arai Corsair-X Helmet is already a track focused full face helmet designed to excel accelerating out of turns and rocketing onto the back straight. The Arai Corsair-X RC borrows the carbon fiber blend used in Arai's Formula 1 helmets and applies it to their top of the line motorcycle helmet. The result is the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility in a lightweight shell.

In true Arai fashion, the Corsair-X Helmet has ta. . . Show More >